BTC DVD-ROM Drive 316

Does the BTC DVD-ROM drive 316 fully support the DVD+R format ?

Andy :smiley:

The BTC BDV-316E supports that.

The BTC BDV-316C does not.

Thanx for the info :slight_smile:

But these 2 different models make it a little bit complicated
because it’s a rebadged BTC drive, sold as Polaroid 16x DVD-ROM :confused:

Here is a photo of the retail box:

Maybe Marco knows what drive BTC has produced for Polaroid :wink:


Or take a look at the front of the DVD-Rom, they are different in the front…

Hmm… It was just a thought.

According to this page It does not read the DVD+R and DVD+RW format…

A good idea :slight_smile: , but unfortunately the retail boxes are
wrapped in plastic foil and sealed with plastic ribbons :confused:

I just checked the specifications of the two drives
and came to the conclusion that most likely the
Polaroid drive is a rebadged BTC BDV-316C

I remember that on the retail box is written
“DVD Family: DVD-Video, DVD-ROM” :confused:

And that means no DVD+R support :frowning:

Thanx again for your valuable help :slight_smile:


Originally posted by jan70
According to this page It does not read the DVD+R and DVD+RW format…

Yeah, exactly the same “supported formats” as on the
retail box I’ve seen in the local shop.

So I better stay away from this drive, although the price
is really ok - only €28.50 retail :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, sometimes I can’t really help you with these things.

Rebadged drives, though often basically the same as the standard designed product, often have own firmwares which have been adapted to the requirements of that particular brand. They also have their own support structure for these products.]

So in this case Polaroid takes care of the support for this product.

Thanks for your understanding.

I have a BTC BDV-316C.

Is it crazy, or possible to update the firmware with the BDV-316E one (the aim is to be able to read DVD+ media) ?

How is any one experience with BTC BDV-316E. How fast it rips?, can you hack the firmware to boost the ripping speed?. Is this drive good ripper as far as speed concern.

I currently have 4 of the BTC E series drives and 1 of the C series drives. both seem to rip dvd’s very good and read better than some other drives. The C series does not read the +r disks too well. sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. As far as the diffrence in the front panel the C series drive has 2 buttons and a audio jack on it and the E series has only 1 button and no audio jack on the front.

I just got a SONY DDU 1622 and I found out that it is a rebadged BTC. Can I flash it with a BTC firmware?