BTC dvd problems

I have a 1700 AMD athlon with 386MB ram and I am using windows xp.
My BTC DVD±R/RW will NOT read most of the DVD,s that I place in the drive.
I have updated the driver, still no use.
Can you help?


What program are you trying to read with?


I am using nero ver 6.2

Could be bad drive or bad media. Use the BTC to burn a quality DVD at 4X. If it cannot read this DVD, then repair or replace the drive.

You can also test the BTC with another drive.

how can i test the BTC with another drive.
im sorry i dont know how.

how can i burn a dvd at 4x; my dvd burner is not recognising any dvd’s.

Put the drive in another PC. Will the drive read commercial DVDs?

Are you getting any type of error message in Nero?

Have you tried dvd decrypter or dvdshrink on the discs nero cant read?

Have you tried the discs in a dvdrom drive with Nero?


when i click on cdrw drive i get a message that reads " disk drive is empty please insert disk".

i have tried dvd decrypter and shrink; it appears that the drive is not seeing the dvd.
sometimes when i pop in a dvd that i burnt on this drive,it takes about 4 minutes and then the drive might recognise the dvd. On some dvd’s, the light on the drive flashes for about 1 minutes and then goes out, then nothing happens. at one point in time the drive used to work ok then it started acting up.

i have an older computer and i will try the drive there.

would making the dvd drive primary or secondary make a difference?


which BTC burner do you have and what medias and firmware are you using (MID)? The problem which you describe is probably caused by a not supported media.


i am using BTC±R/RW DUAL 1108 IDE
NERO software that came with the burner
i also downloaded the latest firmware from BTC
I have tried several original dvd’s and none of them is being recognised by the burner.

i am not sure if that is the info that you requested.

How do you play .IMG files :[

Have you any results? If it’s not working on the second PC then replace the drive.

It appears to be a bad burner.

if the IDE port switched from DMA to PIO would it cause disc read problems?