BTC dual layer. It's possible?

Hi I have got a BTC 1008IB. It works fine since I’ve upgrated the firmware to the 0059 for the 1008UI (the others firmwares conflict with my motherboard).
I read that many single layer DVD Recorders can become doble layer with a new firmware (the Liteon for example). It’s possible to do that also with ours DVD-R?
Somebody tried?


to anwser your question quick, the 1008 definitly NOT, with very much luck it works for the 1108 but i´m to 99% sure (maybe wrong) that it is not possible.

hope this answers your question.

and why should we try to upgrade (ok it´s maybe cheaper), when we can get a nec 3500 a (16 x +/- R, 4 x DL) for about 80 Euro (app. 70 $) ??

It’s impossible to make DRW1008IM to become DRW1108IM. Because they use different OPU, so if you use DRW1108IM firmware on DRW1008IM, it maybe damage.


Optical Pickup Unit