BTC dual 4X: Modding default bitsetting in firmware

Hi there
Does anyone know if it’s possible to HEX edit a firmware and thereby changing default booktype/bitsetting for DVD+R media to DVD-ROM? I don’t know anything about programming firmwares so excuse me if this sounds like a stupid question.

I know RICOH based drives (and a few others as well) have a firmware where you can change the bitsetting on-the-fly (even from within Nero). However my BTC DVDRW 1004IM drive does not have such a feature in firmware. So changing bitsetting is not possible with this drive at the moment.

If somebody knows how to do this - and maybe even agree to do it - please let us all know. I can provide a BIN file or HEX file of the latest firmware rev 0043 for modding.


I’m sure it is possible, but I doubt someone who is not familiar with the hardware used in this burner will be able to do this.
There are some guys, who managed to make an RPC1-firmware for this drive. Maybe they have the skills to change this too, but it won’t be easy.

Dear all,

Our R&D is currently studying this issue to see if we can implement it in the DRW1004’s firmware.

Will keep you guys up-to-date about it.

Does anybody know any good online resources about this issue ?

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Hi Marco

You might wanna check these out

Otherwise just do a google search for “bitsetting” or “dvd booktype” - you’ll find plenty :slight_smile:

Nero 5.5 and 6.0 allow changing booksetting if supported by the drive firmware. DVDInfoPro does to.

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