Btc Drw1108im

Hello everybody

I just got this BTC dual dvd writer
firmare is the last one,
using Nero
well… i cannot find any way to make this “d…nm” thing write any dvd RW + or - doesn’t matter…
doesn’t work
i’ve tried 4 different kind of dvd ( 3 approved from the media support list 1 no )
with 3 dvd+rw nero always arrive till the end but after I check the dvd seems empty.
with dvd-rw just en error from nero and stop to burn
tried to burn at different speed, no change
with normal dvd -r or +r works pretty fine

any idea? any help?
thanks in advance:a :a

Your system specs?

C’mon, man, give us something to chew on!

Regards, Martin A

my pc is

AMD athlon 1800+, 640 Mb ram 120 Gb hard disk ( 4 partition )
asus motherboard,
windows xp professional SP 1 and all update done
dvd rom matshita-dvd sr-8582
dvd +/-rw btc

all the time i tried just to move some file ( around 1000 Mb ) from the hard disk to the dvd using Nero

More details needed, e.g.:

  • Chipset on your ASUS mobo?

  • Chipset drivers installed? In particular, are your IDE drivers proprietary or standard M$ issue?

  • Drives connected to which IDE ports?

  • DVD/CD-related software environment? In particular, any other burn programs, like CloneDVD, CloneCD, Alcohol etc? Virtual CD drives (Ahead SW, CloneCD, Alcohol)?

Regards, Martin A

dvd reader is secondary master
dvd writer is secodary slave
primary master 80Gb hard disk
primary slave 40Gb hard disk

all driver are from m$, for dvd reader and writer i didn’t found any propietary driver.

motherboard is A7M266 bios revision 1007 29/4/2002