I love dvd shrink its free and effective, sometimes i use it with dvd decrypter or dvd43 in the background and always burn with nero

I have the same problem, how did you solve it?


Hi, i have been ussing DVD shrink now fopr the past 12 months and untill yesterday I thought it was Bees Knees,then after burning some 60 DVDs I receive this message,Does not have a valid CSS key,what is a CSS keyand were does one find it. Have recommended DVD shrink to at least 20 people,and they think it is great :d

I used DVDShrink to Copy a Movie for the first time last night, and it worked like a charm! :slight_smile: FYI, I used my Desktop, a P4-2.8, with a Micromess Windows 98V2 Plug in Hard Drive, Twin Emprex 16xDVD-Burners as Source and Target, and it all worked without a Hitch!! :g Thanks so much for sharing this Wonderful Software Package on the Net, RubyRed :* , who Rated it at Five!!!

Download link should work again

Even though DVDShrink will never be updated again,I still consider it to be the best for DVD transcoding and its FREE. It wont remove newer copy protections so if you use AnyDVD in the background or alternatively some freeware eg RipIt4Me or DVDFab Decrypter to rip the DVD contents to the HDD first then use Shrink all will work perfectly. :slight_smile:

There are now two “versions” of DVD Shrink 3.2. ( One that will give you the option to burn automatically with the freeware program ImgBurn instead of DVD Decrypter, and the other is a CSS free (without any decrypt part). The later one is for countries where the original DVDShrink wound’t be legal to use. Just search for any of these two. :slight_smile:

HI wendyd here ihave been checking out cd freaks for a few months & found a guide from Domin8tor with credits to michigan called dvd shrink with dvd decrypter 7 it worked absolutely fantastic 7 so easy. Ihave been trying to copy my dvd’s &not getting anywhere except peed off & Ijust burn’t my first dvd . THANKYOU. By the way CD FREAKS is so ADDICTIVE. SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE IN ONE PLACE. :slight_smile:

انا عندي GIGAMAX SUPER-MULTI فجأه توقف عن العمل واصبح يهنج الكمبيوتر وفي ذات الوقت لا يستطيع قراءة اي سي دي

I’ve downloaded a movie online and it is 700 mb … what program can i use to make it fit in a DVD+R and play it in a DVD player …?

J.ROx use ConvertXToDVD

I found that using DVD Shrink wasnt a good idea … My advice would be to by NeroVision Express with nero recode. Nero will recode your DVD’s with fantastic quality.

I have been using DVD Shrink a while now and all of a sudden I am having problems with it saying it is going to take hours to do what it was doing in minutes. Any help would be appreciated.

I have used DVD Shrink for a very long time & found it a fabulous program, now when it has finished & I put the disc in to rip it there is always an error message & I can’t burn the file to a DVD. What has happened? Has Nero now done something to prevent burning after copying?? :c

dvd shrink IS NOT FREE. if you can point me to an actual free program, please do. thanks

de max :X :S

are there any drivers available for use with vista.i have used dvd shrink for 2 years with out prolems with windows xp now i am told that dvd shrink willnot work with vista

Mate works fine, with Vista. shrunk many a disk with no problems so far. What i have found is that most things work with Vista and if not try to use the compatability tab, that usually does the trick . Don’t just listen to others. try it on vista for yourself.

what will burn or convert google video’s (gvi) or (3gp) phone video, to avi so I could make dvd,s