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I just posted the article BTC DRW1108IM DVD±R/RW.

BTC was kind enough to send us their latest DVD-Writer; the BTC DRW1108IM. BTC is growing in the optical market due to competitive prices and large OEM contracts, so it will be interesting to see how their latest DVD-Writer performs. Read on to see our test results and opinions on this writer.

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Free is the good thing, movie quality is not…If you are looking for quality u better stick with DVD2One

Like any newly released piece of software there is room for growth. DVDShrink’s initial release shows a lot of promise. With release 1.03 DVDShrink has managed too close the gap with DVD2one and IC7 in terms of quality. It has one of cleanest, professional interfaces I’ve seen in a dvd back-up program. The helpfile is one of the most comprehensive, and it is shockfull of features that I wish DVD2one and IC7 had. I am certain upon the third release DVDShrink will have equal if not better quality then DVD2one and IC7, which will then put it in the forefront as the need to have dvd back-up program.

The latest Beta 5 is excellent! When used with NERO it’s a great combination. I had been using DVD X Copy Xpress, but they get worse and worse with each new upgrade.:g

I am new to this backing up of my DVD and have tried lots of different Programs, tried DVD Shrink as a last bid and this program has a rating of 9.75 out of 10, easy to use and never a bad back up yet. Love it;););):wink:

Brilliant piece of software and easy to use :slight_smile:

I only use this program, why pay for something when this does it for free. The only thing I don’t like about it is , the latest version 3.17.6 says you can use Nero 5 or 6 to automaticly burn making this a 1 click wonder but Nero 5.5 doesn’t work. Dave

Its the best software out there:X

I am only very new to this forum so if I say anything wrong please let me know. I have been using this in conjunction with DVD Decrypter (when Necessary) with only two failures in over 500 useages. Dave The final upgrade to Nero 5 will allow the same one click operation that Nero 6 does.

I’ve use DVDShrink for a year now it GREAT with Nero i do keep both updated to the latest version. 2 thumbs up

I have been using DVD Shrink and DVD Dycrypter for about 18 months with no problems: Their Great Freeware! I also burn with Nero 6 which makes the whole operation (after editing) one click.

Me like tha shit or is it love IT :stuck_out_tongue:

I shrinks really well, pity I cant follow it up with burning:p:*

What version is this and what is different? I have I thought the development was stoped or was this open source?

I’m new to this,but I have been using DVD shrink for the last 6 months and I didn’t know that it doesn’t have it’s own burn software as I click back up and once it’s done backing up it asks me to insert a blank disc. :slight_smile:

I dont understand what is going on. This page says this software is updated. Yet the developer abandoned this software last year and the last update was to last year in July. There is no-where on this page which says what version this is no does it list changes. What am i missing?

Correct me if I’m worng, but did’t the guy that made DVD Shrink go to work for Ahead Nero and make Nero Recode 2 ?

Hi im new to this so if any one can help me , I appreciate it,what other burner is compadable with DVD SHRINK besides NERO…thankyou…KAK

@Drayton u are describing DvDdecrypter, this program is apparently different.:g