Btc Drw1004im

Greetings All,

I purchased one of these drives a couple of weeks ago. Let me say I have brought BTC drives before i.e Cd rewriter and CD-ROM drives and never had any problems with them - Until now!

My DRW100IM came with firmware version 039. So I installed it into my machine and tested the drive with the supplied Ridata 2.4X DVD+RW. I installed the supplied software Nero 5.5 and then burned a data disk as mentioned above. It burned OK. However, when it came to reading the disk it took over 10 minutes to achieve this. Meanwhile my machine was “locked”. I put the disk in my other DVDROM Drive a Sony DDU1621. It would not even read just locked up the machine. I looked on the BTC website and found a new version of the Firmware 043 downloaded and installed it. I even brought Nero 6.000. I carried out the test again. Burned OK. This time the drive on took 2 minutes to read the disk. Unfortunately my other DVDROM drive still could not read it! So I gave up. I purchased a couple of Packard Bell Rewritable disks one Plus and one minus. Once again I upgraded the firmware to 045. Both burned OK and both can be seen in both drives. Problem solved I thought. I attempted once again to burn the Disk supplied with the guess what! The Disk has locked up my machine!!!

Anyhow what I would like to know has anybody used the media by MEDIANCA. I have brought 5 of + and 5 of -. I am scared to use them in case they end up as coaster and I has wasted £1.10 worth of disk.

Marco do you have any idea why the supplied media is locking up my machine ?

Most likely the MID code is not fully supported by the drive.
Checkout the MID code and compare it with the Media Support List on the BTC website.

BTC Europe Support