BTC DRW1004IM DVD's not readable!


I hope somebody can help me out with the following problem.
I 've just got the BTC DRW1004IM DVD-writer.

The idea was to use the DVD writer for burning home videos on DVD discs, and afterwards play them back on stand alone devices.

Although I only use Fuji (=Ricoh) DVD+R DVD+R/W media, the problem is that the standalone players aren’t capable of playing the discs. Sometimes even the BTC writer can’t read the disc(s).

I really want to solve this problem fast, since I have to make a DVD of childeren’s X-mas play at school.

My video editing system consist of:

  • mainboard: MSI 845PE Max 2 BFIR (bluetooth, lan, raid, 1394,…)
  • P4 3,06 GHz
  • 768Mb DDR Apacer CL 2,0 PC 2700 (3x256Mb)
  • MSI GeForce Ti 4800SE 128Mb
  • Pinnacle DC10+ (editing card)
  • Hauppauge Win TV Primio FM
  • Highpoint HPT 370 additional IDE controller card
  • Hdd0 (Maxtor 6Y120P0 120Gb/8Mb cache 7200 rpm)
  • Hdd1 (Maxtor 6Y080P0 080Gb/8Mb cache 7200 rpm).
  • Hdd 2&3 (Raid 0 2x Maxtor 6Y080P0 080Gb/8Mb cache 7200rpm)
  • Hdd 4, 5 & 6 (3 x Seagate Barracadu 20Gb 7200 rpm in
    removable bays)
  • Opticals are BTC DRW1004IM master on secondary IDE contr.
  •                 AOpen DVD 1040Pro slave on sec IDE contr.
  • The OS is Win XP Pro (bel/ned).

Thanks in advance
Lt. Coolhand
Antwerp Belgium

Can you please give me a solution for this problem? Thankx…

Lt. Coolhand


  • have you updated to FW0047?
  • have you ever tried the RiData DVD+RW ( in package with BTC )
  • what software are you using?

i had also such a problem

i hope this will help you.



Had the same problems :frowning:
It’s a drama using this drive ! I was fed up with getting a Beta-Tester for BTC. The costs for misburnt media was higher than buying at once the drive i now have LDW-411S - and no probs with any media yet.

So if you can - bring the BTC back and buy a different brand.
You will have more money afterwards in your wallet …

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies, but the problem is DEFINITLY solved now.

At first my reseller flashed the firmware (so I couldn’t be responsible in case something should go wrong…), but no results.

We’ve tried different progs like ULead, Pinnacle, Nero, … with nomberous brands and types of media…still the same probs. A great Thank You (!!) to my reseller for offering his free day to help solving my problem.

At last, read after midnight, we’ve thrown the BTC OUT !!! and replaced it with a LiteOn LDW-451S and …

Halleluja, everything was working fine, with diverent media and progs…

So, my advice… DONT BY THIS DRIVE!!!

It looks like a DVD-writer, but it just a box with a flashlight that locks up your computer…

Lt. Coolhand
Antwerp Belgium

Even though I do have some problems writing to specific types of DVD+RW dics I don’t think your advice is well supported. Listen, I bought myself a spindle with 25 DVD+R 2.4X Arita discs (RICOHJPNR01). And they burn perfectly well at 4X ! Used 5 of them to date. Also I used DVD+R 2.4X Platinum (RICOHJPNR00) and they also burned perfectly well (at 2.4X that is).

So this is quite a good burner but just not the best !

PS. I used Nero version for this !

Originally posted by Lt. Coolhand

At last, read after midnight, we’ve thrown the BTC OUT !!! and replaced it with a LiteOn LDW-451S and …

…Lt. Coolhand
Antwerp Belgium [/B]

:bigsmile: I’ve done the same and now always :slight_smile: !
My neighbor and close friend still has his BTC (we bought it together for some % discount), so i’ll get still a lil bit involved in the BTC thing.
Also we can compare some results.