BTC DRW1004IM ... can't flash this drive ... error message

Hi, bought the btc drive days ago (firmware 040) and just wanted tu update the firmware. I used the firmware on the page. i tried 043 and the follwing error message occours:

Check Sum : A79D
ERR: fail to identify the flash type!
Please wait a moment…
Complete! Please restart your computer.

Ok, tried 042: The same problem!

I tried the dangerous brothers firmware especially for the DRW1004IM: The same problem too!

I tried to put the btc as secondary master and secondary slave: The same problem (yawn)!

Conclusion: Sorry, this sucks much. I’ve had the choice to take the btc and a benq. Now i think i bought the false brand …

This couldn’t be true … the own btc firmware updates won’t work. This keeps me really disturbing … “fail to identify the flash type!” … scream

Maybe marco from btc europe could help me, would be great.



… and sorry for my bad english

In case of problems with flashing mediatek-based drives like the one from BTC, I would suggest using MTKFLASH under pure DOS.

With this little proggy it should be possible to get almost every drive back to life again. There should be enough Tutorials on how to use this tool, if you search a little on

But be sure to use Version 1.80 because older versions will probably not work with this drive. In case you cannot get a working firmware binfile (those from “The dangerous brothers” should work), I could provide you with binfiles vor version 0037, 0038 or 0039.

Well, thanks joerg … i also used mtkflash under dos, but i can’t get this tool ready to run. i used the follwing string i found on the net:

mtkflash 4 w/b dual42.bin

the “4” is for the secondary slave (in my case) and dual42.bin is th filename i got on the disk. But when i execute this one it onl shows me a large list, which commands mtkflash have.

… i can’t get this one to run … maybe i’m too silly for this …



You should put a blank between w and /b. This works for me. And you have to be in real DOS - not a DOS-Box from within Windows!

Send me an e-mail at and I’ll send you the DOS version of the update program.

Can you also try to use the Windows version when the DRW1004 is the only drive on your 2ndary IDE port ? It could be that the combination of the 2 drives gives problems.

Coming soon…; )
By the way, for all you DRW1004 users, pretty soon we will have an autoupdater for you all ! That’ll make things much easier and less problem prone (it will support multi-drive updates).

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