BTC-Drw1004=Plextor 708a the same?



i´ve read about the new Drive from BTC!THe Drive has the same specs like the new plextor drive only the 8 x DVD+r failed!i think that btc is the same as the new plextor drive with an other firmware.the cdr write speed is also 40x and the Cdrw is 24!!DVD rom speed is 12x!!here the link!: The Drive is for 159 euro very cheap!ps:the side panels on the fotos from the plextor and the btc homepage are comletely the same!can this be true?


No, check the specs again they’re not even close.


And I don’t think, Plextor would dare to sell such crap. I bought this drive a few days ago and was able to burn about 2 or 3 DVDs (out of 15), which could afterwards be read without errors. No matter which media used.


Those two drives have nothing to do with one another. The specs are completely different, and the drives look completely different as well.


4x is 8x?