BTC DRW 1108IB DVD+/-RW Drive



I am having a problem with my recently purchased dual DRW 1108IB drive. The firmware used is the latest B230. Media used was TDK TTGO2. The booktype was automatically set to DVD-ROM by Nero. The burn was sucessful at 8x and the kprobe 2.0 scans were fine using the BTC burner and a Liteon DVD-ROM. However the disc is not readable using either a rebadged Liteon Sony DW-22A or the toshiba CDRW/DVD-ROM on my laptop. It is however readable on the BTC burner and the Liteon DVD-ROM.

I have not had any problems with reading this media when burnt with the SONY DW-22A or a Pioneer 108, ironically when the booktype was set to DVD-R. Have any of you had this problem with other BTC drives and could recommend a solution?


Dear hobbesken:

What kind of format that you burned, a video or just data ?


Well I tried both formats, one DVD-video and one DVD data (ISO format). Anyway got a suprisingly quick reply from BTC through email, their reason is that TTG02 is not in their supported media list which I find hard to believe as it is supported by just about every other DVD burner in the market…hmmm