BTC DRW 1004 IM . Firmware earased..need help

i earase the firmware during updating…now my dvd burner dont work anymore… nor lights and so on … can i put a new firmware on without sending the burner to taiwan …

Hi mig,

If you are still able to boot the PC with the drive attached you can try to download the 0047 firmware (DOS version) from here

  1. First extract the downloaded zipfile to your harddrive. Place the extracted files in a folder on your C: drive called 0047dos or similar.

  2. Now, boot the PC from a DOS boot disk

  3. Change directory to C:\0047dos by typing
    CD 0047dos

    at the DOS prompt

  4. If your drive is attached to your secondary IDE port as master just type f<enter>

  5. If your drive is attached to your secondary IDE port as slave just type f 4<enter>

Hope this helps.


i cant . because i have only ntfs partiotions :frowning:

isnt there another way to put a firmware on my burner ?=

do like i did and create a small 1 GB or so partition in FAT32. very handy for flashing etc :bigsmile:

when you have a win98 bootdisk it should work also with ntfs partitions, i do biosupdates by this way.



Do you have an DVD-ROM or CD-ROM??

If so set this drive to the same master/slave/CS settings as your DRW1004 drive.
Disconnect the IDE cable from the DRW drive and connect it to your DVD/CD-ROM drive… Note that you leve the power connected to the DRW drive…

Now boot with the diskette with the flashtool.

When booted unplug the IDE cable from the CD/DVD-ROM and plug it into your DVD drive.

Now start F.bat (or the flash command) from your diskette and this should work. You should see after a couple of steps the lights burning again… :slight_smile:



thx alot guys … all is working fine now :slight_smile: