Btc drive purchased 6 weeks ago

please help
i purchased the drw1004im 6 weeks ago,so far ive burned 2 successful discs a movie using the sample disc and a audio cd using low cost cdr.since then every time i try to copy anything my software asks to "INSERT BLANK MEDIA" .The strange thing is that now my cdrw samsung drive which i have never had a problem with is doing the same thing. This has become very frustrating,the last 6 weeks of my life have been spent seeking a solution.i have tried everything possible from drivers, changing aspi,uninstalling drives ,different configaurations on motherboard,frimware updates and anything esle that has been suggested on forums. both drives will read dvd and cdr but not running windows xp pro sp1
nero burning application
primary channel master dvd-rw ide1004
secondary channel master samsung cdrw/dvd
sata 160 gb
can any one please help