BTC CDRW 48x16x48 is incompatible with Nero and CloneCD

I just bought a BTC CDRW 48x16x48, and it is incompatible with Nero and CloneCD! I have sent an email to tech support @ BTC, but who knows how long that will take. I am running WinXP, and i have downloaded all the latest drivers and patches for XP, Nero, and CloneCD. These software programs do not support my CDRW. Can Anyone help me find a replicator/burn program that supports my new drive or its ebay bound!:slight_smile: AND\OR what is the fastest burner supported by CloneCD and Nero? what brand? Any help would be appreciated

Don’t know of any software for your writer but the fatest writers that are supported by Nero and CloneCD would be the CAV 48X writers like the Lite-On LTR48125W, the Plextor PX-W4824A and the ASUS CRW4816A. I think the Lite-On drive is a few seconds faster when writing a full 700MB disc. The differences are minimal though and the Lite-On can only re-write at 12X. The Plextor can do this at 24X and the ASUS at 16X.

I have this drive as it is being sold as a HiVal 48x16x48x and it comes with Nero. It works great.

Can you mail me the bin file of the firmware??

S203740 at WINDESHEIM dot NL

For reasons we all know