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Yesterday I though I would treat myself to a DVD Burner now I am begining to wonder did I treat myself to the wrong make/ model?
After installing it in my system I did a quick test to see if it would copy one of my DVD’s my feer was that my Sony Home intertainment player wouldnt read it.
But shock horror on the first attempt to burn the DVD copy on completion my BTC Burner wouldnt even play it, Sound was jerky and no picture just black screen.
Hmm after thinking that maybe if I lower the burn speed on my next attempt things might improve, silly me this one wouldnt even burn (write errors)
I am using the software that came with the Burner, Nero think its version5 and also some DVD-R disks i purchased. and all on a clean install of XP.
Last night I didnt have time to try and start diagnosing the problem as to software versions and media types but looks like I am in for a long weekend.
I will post the DVD-R media type i am trying to burn onto and software version, also will try and find out the Firmware version of the Burner. It don’t give me much faith in this burner at present looking at all these problems others are having, If I dont get it doing what its suppose to do over the weekend then its back to the shop on Monday.
I will try it with the DVD+RW that come in the box if that dont work then why is it in there.
Any advice on what info the Support team at BTC would like to help this issue.
BTC 4 speed DVD burner will check the model number when get back home.
We buy things expecting them to do the job they are intended for if the don’t then why even make them. maybe cheep just is cheep


You bought yourself a great cook, but in order to make a nice, tasty dish, you need to have the right ingredients. Or in other words, it takes 3 (drive, media, software) to tango (succesfully burn a DVD) ; )

First thing to do is update the firmware to the latest version, v0045, which can be found at

Secondly, use the DVDInfo Pro utility or other utility to check the MID code of the media that you’re using (CD speed - Disc Info also works most of the time) and compare it with the compatibility list on the BTC website at:

If you can’t find the MID code of your media on this list, then you can check again on this forum’s MEDIA COMPATIBILITY - G00D RESULTS or BAD RESULTS thread to see if other users have tried the media that you’re using.

Can’t fix your problem after checking all the above ? Then drop me a line at

Have a nice weekend !

BTC Europe Support

Wow never had a responce to a problem so quick from a support member.
At least I now have some faith in the support responce from BTC I am impressed.
Will find these things out and get back to you with results



I guess things worked out, so I’m closing this thread if you don’t mind.

If I’m wrong, pls. drop me a line at

BTC Europe Support