BTC Bitsettingtool 1.06 available

Bitsettingtool 1.06 available on Firmwarepage

Hey… some firmware files have been renamed:

They now include an MCU at the end. Does anybody know the meaning of this? Is it that perhaps now they’re valid for the external USB versions too?

What will this tool enable me to do?

this tool allows to set the booktype of dvd+/-r(w) to DVD-ROM

i think that you are right, if i remember right told me marco a few month ago that there will be a F/W which is for both drives.

when i start the tool, it is not possible to change the directory on the partition where the tool runs. you always get the error “permission denied”.

and nero crashes when you click on new and the tool is running.

OS Win2k SP4

The latest version of Nero allows you to set the DVD-ROM booktype directly, so you won’t need the bitsetter.