BTC BDV212B tray ejects randomly

I purchased a BTC BDV212B second user DVD drive for my second machine. It randomly (sometimes goes off its head) ejects the tray in/out. I have updated the firmare from the firmware page to the lastest rpc1. It is still doing it. It does it regardless of wether or not the ide cable is connected so I think it may be firmware related.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem. I have read post over in the Liteon forum of this being firware related, indeed I also have a 24102b that suffered this some time ago. A firmware upgrade cured that one!. But seeing as how I have just flashed this to the latest version (it has not fixed it) am I clutching at straws here? Maybe the drive is stuffed, I dont know. I have moved it over to another machine and it still does it.

current machine is

Asus A7V333
XP pro
2 x 40 gb IBM on primary

Mirai 40x cdrw on sec master
BDV212b on sec slave
550w psu

the rpc1 upgrade has taken and the drive works and plays ok, it is just this spasmodic/random opening of the tray. A cd does not have to be in for it to do it.

can anyone help me please? or is it time to bin it?

cheers to all.