BTC BCE4816IM - any opinions?

Just got it. Trying to find any information about those drives.

I don’t know how BTC CDRW drives perform nowadays, but I’ve worked with serveral BTC CDROM drives in the past… those drive where really really bad…

I guess BTC is just another company rebadging drives, so maybe it’s a LiteOn drive that works well. On the other hand, it also might be a drive of somewhat less quality, like Benq or Cyberdrive (I’m not saying that those drives are worthless, and for many purposes they function satisfying, but they can’t compete with Liteon, Plextor and Yamaha)…

BTC is a company which produces drives for other brands.
One of the Sony drives was BTC. Cicero, OTI Socrates are BTC drives too. They use Superlink buffer underrun protection (the same which LG uses).

Yes, BTC drives are generally good bang for the buck nowadays. Great drives, and surely not lacking as they used to be.
They’re great drives, with good media compatibility and nice writing speeds, plus, the quality is actually good and the drive is rather well-made IMO.

@Dee-ehn: I actually prefer Cyberdrive to Lite-on :slight_smile: Cheaper and better media compatibility with cheap media :slight_smile: (No TY or Ritek around here…) And the Benq 4816 isn’t lacking, although the earlier models were really :Z :Z …
Lite-ons are IMO good in places where their price is competitive. Here, a 32123S Litey is more expensive than the LG 40x.