BTC announces 16x DVD+/-RW Drive with 4x DVD+R DL

I just posted the article BTC announces 16x DVD+/-RW Drive with 4x DVD+R DL.

 On the  BTC site, they have announced a new dvd burner the DRW1016IM. It can write DVD's at 16x, DVD+RW at 8x and 4x  DVD+R9 DL.       Features:                16x DVD+/-R Write, 4x...
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Can we assume 4x DL discs will be a zillion dollors a pop?

Can we even assume you can find any media, then pay a zillion dollars a pop

so close to the perfect Drive. All we need now is 8x dvd-rw, and we be set. plus faster DL speeds will be nice

It will probably be like the Pioneer A08 where you can write at 4x on 2.4x DL media.

I’m only upgrading my 2500A when I get 8x RW.

Way to go BTC, raise the bar a bit more :g Can’t wait for these drives to trickle down into my waiting hands. :X Looks over at NEC ND 2500A with distain MY perfect drive: 16X ±R 8X MINIMUM ±RW 16X ±R DL And of course quality is as important as features :d

What does everyone use DVD+RW or -RW for? Personally I couldn’t give to dogs do das about RW, I never use use it. Personally I’ve got the NEC 1300AG (amongst others), and I have bought 2 x Traxdata DL discs, at the eye watering price of £5.49 each. But once I’ve tested out these discs on my drives they’ll be no more DL pruchases until the discs reach the cost of about £1 each.