BTC 8x dual format DVD writer now shipping

I just posted the article BTC 8x dual format DVD writer now shipping.

 Marco BTC  told us through a  post in our BTC-Forum that BTC has started shipping their 8x dual format  writer. So the drives should be available within the next days or weeks.      ...
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Does anyone know which drive this compares to? Im assuming its a rebadge…

Nope. BTC manufactures their own drives. From the used chipset, it can most likely be compared with the LiteOn LDW811S, but they are not identical drives.

I have much better recommendation, how about a new dvd writer from Norcent that burns “both” dvd+r/dvd-r at 8X, and burns both dvd+rw/dvd-rw at 4X, of course it burns regular cd’s at 40X and 24X on a cdrw. This is the ONLY drive so far that has this burning capability and you can get it at this direct link for $168.00: Hope this helps!!!

Correction on the price of the Norcent drive, it should be $168.00

What the heck is wrong with this forum site, I know when I typed the One Hundred Sixty Eight US dollars (in digits) for the price of this Norcent drive it only comes up with just Eight US Dollars. Oh well. here you go, it should be One Hundred Sixty Eight US Dollars for the Drive. Sorry for the confusion.
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There is a small issue with using a $ on the news section and also applies to us while editing news. Insert a space between the dollar symbol and the price and it will appear fine, e.g. $ 168.00 :wink:
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Thanks for a very helpful tip…Seanbyrne.

Funny… Only that one web site and Computer Geeks have that Norcent drive for sale. Norcent doesn’t even list ANY DVD writer on its corporate web site. Also, I thought a 8x DVD-R spec wasn’t out yet?
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