BTC 52X32 CD-RW Problem

I am at my witts end - my BTC 52X32 CD-RW drive will recognize any cd except blank ones (cd-r and cd-rw) - when I click on the drive, I get an error msg “f drive is not accessible - incorrect function”.

Also, when I insert a blank cd, the drive icon in ‘my computer’ changes from CD-RW Drive to CD Drive.

Does anyone have a fix or explanation for this? I have Nero 5.5.10 and Roxio EZCD 6.0 software installed, but had no problem with my old CD writer, which finally burnt out.

Thanks in advance

I got this query from a friend about 2 weeks ago - he had just got a computer.

Let me get this right, when you insert a blank cdr or cdrw disk, and “click on the drive”, you get that “incorrect function” message?

But if you insert a non-blank cdrom or music CD you can click on the drive & see files, play the CD, whatever?

You are using M$ Windows.

When you say you “click on the drive”, do you mean you open My Computer or Windows Explorer and click on the drive letter?

Because if so, what you are experiencing sounds like normal Windows behavior.

If you put a blank writable CD in a drive and click on the drive in My Computer, you will ALWAYS get that “incorrect function” message. It is meant to happen. That’s how you tell it’s blank.

What is there for Explorer to show you? No files. No filesystem! No nothing. But it’s not the same as having no disk at all in the drive. That gets you the other error message “please insert a disk”.

Also, the other thing, the changing drive description “CD Drive” thing, is a well known bug in Windows XP. Don’t worry, it’s only a cosmetic thing.

Perhaps you thought that you could insert a blank CD into the drive & just drag and drop files onto it in Explorer? Like you can with a floppy? Seems logical, but you have to have special software installed called packet writing software. Nero InCD and Roxio DirectCD are examples. They allow you to treat the CD like a giant floppy. It has to formatted, and it can be slow and slow up your PC. A lot of people install it, try it out, and remove it again…

Or maybe you had Windows XP’s CD burning stuff running before, and now it has stopped? Could be connected to the change of writer.

I am experiencing the same problem. However, it is happening on two separate machines, with 3 CD devices.

Here is a relevant description of my system. This setup has been working well for several months.

OS: Win 2k
CD-R/RW (Master)


  • Nero 5.5

  • Audible Manager

  • Insert a disk of any type (music, data, CD-R/RW). Drive spins-up, then stops. Fairly normal behaviour…

  • When I open Windows Explorer, I see the correct little icon showing whether the disk is a music CD or application CD.

  • When I click on one of the drives, I get a Windows alert box with the message “incorrect function”

If I try to “Mount” the device using the system manager, I get an error pointing to the fact that the device cannot detect the type of media in the drive. I don’t have the exact message at the moment.

There is some reference to this problem on the microsoft site at:;en-us;315350

The article does not reference the root cause and it is for Windows XP and Roxio. I have neither…

Thanks in advance for any help.

In my situation I have ascertained that this is occurring for an Active Directory domain user who cannot operate a CD-writer on any PC that has one, yet other users can. She is a non-administrative user, as are the other clients who do not experience the problem. It starting to look like it might be an account issue (possibly a mess up in her schema object?).

I searched the web while trying to resolve the same problem. The issue is with some CD writing software. Microsoft has an article in their KB on what to do about it if you are using Roxio Easy CD Creatot software. The message is basically that you need an update (or upgrade) to your CD writer software. I was using Nero 5.5.4 and it turns out that I needed at least 5.5.5. I got a free update at Nero’s website (to 5.5.10). Now my CD-ROM works again. In the case of the person who started this, he/she has Nero 5.5.10 but their Roxio may not be up to date. Try uninstalling Roxio just as a means of troubleshooting.
Here’s Microsoft’s Knowledge Base article (I couldn’t find it by searching Microsoft’s site, but google found it for me–pretty funny, I thought):;EN-US;315350

Many thanks for the info. It was such a bizarre one, having only 1 person who couldn’t write CDs on that PC. I ended up installing Easy CD Creator. XP just couldn’t handle it, I guess.