BTC 4x DVDr/rw +- hardware error?




I have the BTC 4x ± r/rw drive and up until now it’s been great, BUT now it’s playing up.

It can still read DVDs but it seems it’s now unable to write them!

I have tried all sorts of software, all of which used to work, until one day it just stopped writing for no reason.

I tried it with DVDFab todat and got the following error message:

Harware Error 29444

which I presume means my drive could be shagged.

Any ideas anyone please?

I did a quick google search, but no luck…



Fixed it… :iagree:


What was it?

Regards, Martin A


It appeared to be a problem with the cache.

I cleared all the cache directories for both programs and windows and restarted the PC.

All now works fine.