BTC 4816IM Issues

Hiya guys… and girls?

I’m a n00bie with a question and so i’m posting here :slight_smile: I have tried reading the 10 different sites of forums rules but i’ve givern up haha :stuck_out_tongue: I have tried to search for my problem and more importantly… the answer, without any joy ;( so here goes…

I Have “Combo 48x BTC Model: 4816IM” <-- I may of said that all wrong, but I haven’t got a clue :slight_smile:

The problem with it is… It doesn’t reconise Media DVD’s… It will reconises data ones and normal CD’s… It writes CD’s fine aswell…

But when I comes to Movie DVD’s it either doesn’t reconise a disk is in the drive or plays it VERY slowly… In the sense that it buffers for 2 mins then plays 2 seconds of the film.

I’ve had it for awhile, but I’ve always had this issue… I’ve run ME, 2000 and XP on this machine… and none of them have had an affect on the drive…

I’ve installed drivers from their (BTC) and other websites… with no joy :frowning:

I have ignored the problem for a long while… but I’ve just had another bash at it and its not going to far… and looking at the forums… all this firmwire talk is confusing :confused:

I did find this one .bin file while searching your forums… but i have no idea what i’m meant to do with it… or even if i’m meant to use it…

Sorry for bein’ n00by :blush: But can anyone help? Or do i just have to sling this thing in the real “.bin”


I hate you.

Combo drives are so cheap nowadays, that if you got to spend more than a few hours on it, its almost better to buy a new one. Firmware is the software on the drive that allows reading and writing of discs. Alls you have to do download it from BTCs website and double click the file. It may fix your problem. Also try updating your ide drivers. They sometimes cause problems. Make sure DMA is on as well. Windows doesn’t turn it on automatically when installing. Good Luck.