BTC 4012IM with 408p



hi there …

i just took the step and flashed my BTC 4012IM (401248) to a 481648

i have tested with nero, alcohol, clone and all seems to be okay with the new speeds

i used the windows version of mtkflash also … it DID seem to lock up after flash was finished tho :eek: but all seems okay

writing seems to start much faster and all burns okay at the moment

i got 3 firmwares for this drive they are -

btc bce4816im v4820.bin
cdwriteride4816 482g.bin
cdwriteride4816 482s.bin < the one i used btw

if anyone wants one or all please leave your email



Thanks for the info :wink:


thx a lot


Do you still have those old firmwares for the BCE-4816IM drive?