BTC 4012 -> 4816 Power Calibration Error

Hi Guys.
I OC’d my BTC 4012 (MT 1508E chipset) with the 4816IM firmware .HEX file and every thing worked well except that it wouldn’t overburn any more.

It would continue TAO multisessions no problem but on a DAO96, 2/XA mode overburn it would first fail to fill the drives buffer just out of lead in hanging the whole system for about 15min and then give a “Power Calibration Error”.

I know Power Calibration Errors can be media related but I have only changed the firmware not the media. Any clues? I’ve had to flash back to my original backup. I have heard other people (cmr2003x) talk of sucsess with this OC so it’s got me stumped. : (

Now I was a little conserned that that 4816IM Firmware .HEX was smaller than my original 894KB vs 1077KB. Could this be a problem. I used mtkflash 1.55 (“mtkflash 2 w 482s.hex”), mtkwinflash, and the BTC Flasher and got the same result each time. I also tryed Nero and on 2 different OS’s and still no joy. Can any one please help with this?

You may encounter power calibration errors each time you use your CD-RW or DVD drive if you are using poor quality media. Even though you may have encountered success with the same type and/or brand of media before, media vendors often change disc suppliers and quality levels may change due to manufacturing differences. Because of mixed batches of discs and changing quality levels, you may have part of a spool of discs burn fine, while the other part won’t burn and/or errors occur.
Your drive uses a power calibration process that adjusts the recording laser power to the optimum level for each recordable disc you insert into the drive. Each disc contains a reference value for laser power in a preformed track, which helps the drive determine the ideal laser power. There is also a special area on each disc set aside for the drive’s laser to power up to the level required to burn the disc. If the laser power calibration process fails, a power calibration error will occur.
To help correct this problem, try another brand of media.