BTC 1108 writing problem

I have a DVDRW 1108 with firmware B430.
The drive reads and writes CD’s without any problems.
It will read original DVD’s without any problems.

The Problem is that it appears to burn DVD’s fine with Nero 6.3, but when the same disc is reinserted it shows up as a blank disc (after the drive tries n tries to read it for 5 mins).
When i try to burn it, it says the disc is not blank. I can see that the disc has been written cause of the markings.

The drive is attached as a Secondary master with a 40pin cable. No other drives have been attached.

I have tried LG, Samsung, HP and Sony DVD+R’s. All are now coasters on my table.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have also tried connecting my old CDRW drive to the cable and that reads and writes without any problem.

My DVDRW is now a combo drive

Hello and welcome,

BTC drives often have problems with different media types. You get the best results when you use high quality media, such as Verbatim or Tajyo Yuden.

Can you post the media codes of the media you have used? Use DVDidentifier to get it.

This is my exact problem w/ my 1016IM. However my drive burns DVD+R’s like a champ but burns coasters w/ DVD+R DL discs. I also am unable to set the bitsetting on the DL discs. Ideas? The burn completes successfully but when I attempt to read the disc, Nero reports no sessions and 8152megs free.

Thanks, Dale

Hi Herbie,
I have tried different media and i do not have the codes with as of now. The following brands are what i have tried and all fail.
Mosaer Bear

All are DVD +R’s ( 8x ) and none work anymore. They are recognised, i have checked the compatibility on the site and they are. I have updated the firmware. It checks the disc fine. But after the burn is complete, the disc is unusable. The drive tries to read it for 10 - 15 mins. Then says that it is blank.
Other DVD’d (Movies, data) work fine with the drive.
CD’s burn and read succesfully.

Burn a good one and enable VERIFY. That way you will see if there is a problem with the media or your OS/drivers.

I have tried to use the VERIFY option… after burning it stops for some time. The tries to read the disc and comes up Verification failed or something like that. Will try another disc :sad:
Maybe ill get a DVD RW today if possible.