Btc 1008ui

Had a 1008 UI (usb external) connected to a Dell Laptop for the last 9 months
Reads pre-recorded DVD material great
Writes/copies pre-recorded DVD material great and the copies play on any drive/ domestic machine
However I also edit my own DV movies and have hellish problems watching the results on my domestic DVD player. they play OK on my PC (1008 and on board DVDR)
The domestic machine is a Panasonic something and my video editting software is Studio 9.4

Any help please!!!

Welcome to the forum.

What media do you use, could be low quality media or a picky Panasonic DVD player. Try disc in another DVD player.

Use DVDIdentifier to get mediacode.

Update your burner to latest formware for better media support.

Media were TDK so I think they should be ok
Tried the disk in another player I bought (cheap from Comet)
OK in parts crap in others, but will not play on the brother in laws machine at all
purchased a bulk pack of different disks, just a question of sitting down and burning a few to try and see which works best

Have heard the Panasonic is actually a Bulgarian manufactured model which hates copies of any description so when it breaks I’ll buy something/someone elses, especially as Panasonic are not interested in the problems I am having.
Not what you want to hear when the telly and video are theirs as well.