Btc 1008im

Does anyone have any info on this drive? Is it available yet? Has anyone tried it? Is it based on the same chipset as the 1004IM?

It’s being shipped already, expected in stores any day now.

I’m trying it right now as a matter of fact ; )

Runs smooth sofar, but I don’t have any 8X media here to test it with…

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Is it possible to write with 8X to some certified 4X-media like it is with the Plextor?

What are your experiences while testing this drive?

how about 4X+R and 4X-R are there similar media limitations as the 1004IM or is it a new drive from the ground up?

It’s shares the brandnames of the components used in the DRW1004, but that’s about all that’s the same. It’s basically a total new drive.

It will be possible to burn some 4X media at 8X, I don’t have the complete list yet, but it will be on the website soon.

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