BTC 1008IM sucks!

God damn, i almost made my worst decision in my life to even buy this piece of crap…i found out that the problem wasn’t my computer, but this piece of crap…DMA was impossible to enable, so i bought a Pioneer DVR-107D, and poof the DMA enabled itself automaticlly…don’t waste your money on this piece of shit…i changed almost anything on my computer, but it turned out to be the burner itself…later…

So now you will f*ck off and leave us alone?

I have this drive, and ultra dma is enabled automatically for me…

I supect he got a defective drive. Ultra DMA was automatically activated for mine, too. Nothing like a considerd opinion based on all the facts…

I find it very amusing that he found buying a DVD burner one of the most important decisions he’s ever had to make in his life. :rolleyes:

Lonex619, you sound like a fucktard. You almost made… your worst decison? That means what??? You almost made it? You did or you didn’t? Which one is it?
Or the decision was ‘almost’ the worst in your life? Like the other guy said, your lifetime’s worst decision was to buy a DVD writer??? You sound like a prick aged about 14. It was Mother and Father that bought the DVD writer, I think.

I’m a girl, not a guy :eek:

man cool down, there are many users here using this drive without troubles, i don´t believe that the burner was the problem, i think your system config was the problem, if i remember right you wheren´t able to enable dma on your not very new msi mohterboard.
ok now you had luck with your new burner, dma enables automatialy, but what happens when something happens and the same problem occures again, you will also be not able to enable dma, what then? you will throw your pioneer away, we will here the same deep speech in the pioneer forum and after that you go and buy a nec. a easier and cheaper way would be to buy a good new cheep mobo (maybe asrock for about 30€).

so good luck with your pioneer (a really good drive) and i wish you that you have no more troubles.

Thanks man, that was the best respond :slight_smile:

Users shouldn’t really hold it against this or any other drive if they don’t know how to enable DMA to get the drive to work.