BTC 1008IM (IDVDRW8D ) can't read DVD+RW that its just wrote

I’ve tried every FW from 56 through 357 and I always have the same problem. I’m using Sony or Memoryex DVD+RW (both 1-4x compat. RICOHJPNW11).

The burn seems to go fine using nero 6.3, but then the verify always fails with at least a few errors. It doesn’t seem to matter how much data is on there. Windows won’t open the disc in the drive, and I get the hourglass and “searching flashlight” while trying to access the drive.

Strangley, the disks verifies perfectly (both surface and file tests) using nero 6.3 test drive verify disk on both my Dell laptop DVD reader (HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N), and my desktop DVD reader (Samsung CDR/DVD SM-348B).

Any ideas?