BTC 1008IM Failed Firmware Upgrade Help!


I’m bummin’. I tried upgrading from 055 to 056. The PC (Windows 2000 Professional) locked up during flash. Appears to have erased the 055 version, but not installed the 056. Neither Windows or the flash utility reconizes the drive now. Can anyone help me get this back up and running? Can I do it from DOS? If so, how and where are files!

Thanks in advance!

Fundamentals: Ok, you can flash your drive under DOS using version 1.69 or higher of MTKFLASH. The latest version is v1.80.1. You can download MTKFLASH from a number of websites; it’s free. Just ask Google (or any other search engine) for a link.

From the Dangerous Brothers’ site here you can download several rpc1 (= region-free) firmware versions for your drive. The files come with a Windows flasher which I wouldn’t even attempt to use as your drive is not recognized by your Windows. I’d just extract the bin firmware file and let MTKFLASH play with it.

Procedure: First, in the BIOS - disable the IDE port where your dead drive is connected to. This lets you boot into an OS again (DOS or Windows).

Then, search this forum for MTKFLASH and/or dead drive - you’ll find some vital info about MTKFLASH parameters and switches and how to set them when calling up MTKFLASH. Read Marco BTC’s first aid kit for the 1004IM - most or all of it should apply to your drive also. I believe it’s a sticky.

Third, download MTKFLASH and the firmware you’re planning to flash. You could also, by e-mail, ask BTC support for a copy of their DOS flash package (unless I’m mistaken, it will contain MTKFLASH and the current firmware in form of a hex file).

Fourth, reboot into DOS and flash your drive. Good luck.

Regards, Martin A

Back in business, thanks!