Btc 1008 reading pb on stnadalones


I have

MotherBoard ASROCK K7S8X
BTC 1008
Firmware 357
Ritek R- blanck dvds

I have pbs reading the burnt dvds on some standalones.

Any ideas what could help ?


Standalones, especially older ones, do not necessarily play all media types perfectly.

Read the threads on bitsetting to get a feel for this.

Standalones, especially older ones, do not necessarily play all media types perfectly.

BTC burners, especially newer ones, do not necesarily burn any media work a crap.:Z

Really though, it’s probably the media. It is very hard to find media that works with BTC drives, but they do exist. It would also help if you explained how you were making the disks, software and process.

I use nero 6 to burn the dvds.

I usually use the copy disc feature but I have alos tried the creta dvd.

For my originals I use dvd shrink.

I’ve tried setting the drive to cable connect as suggested on this forum it my PC does not boot.

Can you suggest a different media that would work ?


check ur standalones and media…

i have a 1008… with one of the earlier firmwares. havnt even updated it… 0054 to be exact… burned 60 DVD-Rs in a month’s period… 0 coasters… 50 of them are cheap GQ DVD-Rs… only 1X certified… but the drive let me burn at 2X…

i tested these on several standalone DVD players… to be exact… 2 Apex players, 1 terapin, and 1 coby…

the apex… model 1200 and 1100w if i can recall… played every single one of the burns flawlessly… not to mention very fast navigating with the menu and fast read response… no skips, errors…

the terapin also played all the discs fine… the reading was not as good as the apex and someitmes skip for a sec or 2… but after play smoothly through out…

the coby player read the discs… but this player generally sucked… and even froze an original dvd… and did the same with the copy of it… but played throughout with other discs it had no problems with…

so check ur standalone… or ur media… but i know i can’t blame my btc 1008… because im using the absolute CHEAPEST solutions in standalones and media… and they all work…