BTC 1008 FW 0357 on LiveUpdate

Too bad, a lot of 1008’s FWs but where’s 0050 for 1004 and, more sad, NO one word about what’s changed on all these FWs :frowning:

WTF! There’s more than a FW update a week! :eek: :eek:
Either the guys up there at BTC are working really hard or they are joking with revision numbers :eek: :eek:

All 0x57 firmwares have been great for me and writing quality is considerably improved.

Only drawback so far seems to be that Ritek R03 8x DVD+R is only supported at 4x now (was supported at 8x with previous firmwares).

If you think that the 1008’s FW may be more up to date than feel free to download the DOS-Flash-Tool and flash the 1008 FW on your 1004!

This works fine to me! After flashing it to the 1008 you can use the normal WINDOWS-Flash to do further updates.

be aware that you can damage your drive if you try to burn at 8x-Speed!!! But If you only use 4x you should probably have nor problems!


Look here for the DOS-Flash-Tool and even RPC1-FW

@bitboy0: I did it on my 1004 and it’s working flawlessly! :slight_smile:


What´s working flawlessly? To burn at 4x-speed or 8x-speed? I don´t want to crash my drive :wink:

BTC said that the Laser-Pickup is different bitween 1004 and 1008 so it is dangerous to burn at 8x even if it may work fine some times!

So I decide only to take advantage from using more different media but not from the 8x-feature.

h.a.n.d. Sven

@V_Banshee: no I didn’t try 8x burning. I meant that the drive works perfect with the 1008 firmware!

I have been using the 1008 fw’s for quite some time now (since early January I think) and the media support for 4X and under is definitely better and the drive is much more reliable. I tested 357 this also. I am now formatting an Optodisc +RW to try. The last time I tried the disc was ruined, uable to be read in anything and could not be reformatted. That was with 157.