BTC 1008 Errors at ~0.8 GB Mark

Ok, so I have the old and dying BTC 1008 (Firmware 159).

When I’m burning DVD+Rs, the drive burns smoothly until about the 0.8 GB point where it starts whirring and hissing. If the burn completes (sometimes it freezes or gives me an error, the KProbe Error Scans look like these:

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong here. I may just have bad media, but it seems strange that it would crap out at the same point each time. I made the mistake of updating the firmware at the same time I switched medias. And who knows what else has changed?

Here’s an analysis of a different media I burned a month ago:

As you can see, it looks fine. (Well, as good as it gets for this burner). Are there any other possible ways to fix this? Or should I just toss my media in the garbage? They were some 8x Memorex ones I bought from Staples.

I would try some other media.
Memorex seems to be a grabbag as far as Media ID goes.
Some have CMC Mag or PRodisc and now this MoserBaer.
I got good results with Prodisc,RicohJpn and Taiyo Yuden Media ID’s.

If you havent used too many of the discs it might be possible to return them.
I’ve returned media that I had trouble with back to Bestbuy and Office Depot.


I have to agree with RmF. This most likely is a media problem, since you have other disk that burn “ok”. But, I would also try some solutions to problems for NEC Drives. Even though it is for NEC drives, many of the solutions are the same no matter what the drive make is. I used the have a Liteon 411 and had horrible burns. I removed Intel Application Accelerator in the add/remove programs that that made the burns better. Also, make sure your drive is set to “master”. Don’t use Cable Select.

Also, packet writer software have caused issues in the past. This weekend I had problems with my TY cd’s having C2 errors. Several TY cd’s had C2 errors, not just one. I’ve never had this problem before, so I noticed that I had the Roxio UDF Reader (note, reader, not packer writer) installed in the add/remove programs. I removed it and the C2 problems went away.