Btc 1008 doesn't like dvd-r verbatim 4x?

My btc 1008 with firmware 0059 fails to write dvd-r verbatim at the beginning during led in. With verbatim dvd+rw no problem.

What media dvd-r can i use? Is it possible that 1008 don’t burn verbatim Dvd -r?



check the mediacode of the medias with DVDIdentifier, maybe a not supported manufacturer ID.

the code is mcc01rg20 and is supported by btc, but in my 1008 fails.
Today my btc 1008 has died, don’t read or write anithing!
only 20 day of work

Time for a return to the store or an RMA.
Returning to the store is preferable of course and should be allowed if it’s only been 20 days.

after 8 days my store require rma, i’ve to wait 1 month!

My BTC 1008 burns 4X DVD-R Verbatim MCC 01 RG 20 perfectly. So far, it’s the only DVD-R media I’ve used that has flawless playbacks. It’s the Ritek G04s that I have been having problems with.