BTC 1008 Best Media



What is the best media to use for this burner? What mid’s, Yuden, MCC, Ritek, etc. have you been succesfull with. I’d like to know results for both +R and -R.


I have had good luck with:
YUDEN000 T02 (@ 8X)

decent results with
CMC MAG F01 (@ 4X)

i’ve only tried DVD-R TDKG020000 (@ 4X) and have had relatively bad luck. the burn process is fine, however the discs produce questionable graphs. i might try the leftovers @2x, but for now i like my Yudens @8x :slight_smile:

oh, and the RiData 4x +RW that came with my drive works well too.


Reportedly, plus worked better than minus for this drive. I had the best results with TDK 4x DVD+R discs which were really Ricohs.


Very old thread, so don’t flame me. I have achieved the best results with Hitachi-Maxell RG02 :slight_smile: