BTC 1004IM most underrated Drive in History?

Good Results with this Drive ? And how is it with coasters and defect Drives etc.
Its strange i had in the beginning (this was my first DVD burner) bad luck with cheap Media (Medianca i think it was) but and thats weird (when you read how many complain about it “wah is this drive crap etc.”) after that i had no problems with DVDburning/copying
The PI scores on various Media was a little bit high but it plays in my Standalone DVDplayer successfull (Bellagio ad2020 cheap thing but good with DIVX support)
(is used TDK TTG01, VERBATIM (ricohjprn01 or something like that mcc 01 rg20 and nanya (kickoutboxes))

I want to know your opinions and your experiences.


ps: sorry if my english is a little poor XD

tied about 12 different types of media, TYG01, SONY, MCC…, LEADDATA01, RitekG03, …

Problems only with ritekg04 writespeed after fw0043, i flashed the drive to 1008, ritek prob solved, and it works.

overall a good drive for me

hi, Have burned over 200 dvd’s…very few coasters…[mostly due to operator error]…[stay away from rreally cheap disks]…very satisfied for my $80.00.

“To Live is to Burn”

I think the compatibility List is a good thing so far all media on that list i tried works and i dont get it why so many people have problems when they use the compatible media (use verbatim at the moment ) the DVD+R results are a little better then then the DVD+Rs results but thats not important when the difference is 2pi/po.