BTC 1004im dead

Hi, Was burning fine until i tried a princo [i know] dvd-r 4x. The drive became irratic and now will not read or write any disc.
FW 048
Help Ron

You could try to completly power off your computer, by using the switch on the back of power supply or remove the mains-plug for a short while.

Heavenly…Thanks but tried that one already. Ron

H Ron
Have you still got power,on your drive?.If yes you could uninstall
your secondry ide channel,if thats what your drive is on.Reboot
let windows find it check devise manager,that dma is set.Hope
it works for you.

oke… sorry… no underestimation against you, though!:o

Thanks, yes the drive has power and will play audio cd’s but that’s it…have removed it installed it flashed it to no avail…i guess that it will have to become a warranty issue…thanks for all the posts…


Something is very badly wrong with these drives. I am exeriencing exactly the same problem with a previously perfect PikaOne badged 1004. Won’t recognise DVD or RW media of any form, but will play CD. A sniff of the back of the drive suggests something has burnt-out. I’ve contacted PikaOne directly twice and have had no response. I got this drive as a Christmas present so I’ve no receipt and no packaging to return it to the shop it came from. So I’m left with a very expensive CDROM…hopefully PikaOne will do the honourable thing and recall/replace this crap. Shoddy. I’ll never touch a BTC/PikaOne product again! It’s like the Zip “Click of Death” debacle all over again!

I feel your pain…mine came packaged as a micradvantage superdrive and so far it seems they will make good on it…one can only hope. good luck my friend


Pain is right…you never know how much you depend on these things till they die…even after only a few weeks of ownership! I’m going to keep on trying with PikaOne. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Happy Days! I rang the shop that the drive came from and explained the situation to them. As a suspicious number of these drives have been returned defective it appears… they offered to exchange it for me without any quibble. I handed the bare drive over and they handed me a shiny new NEC. Hopefully I’ll have a little better luck with it. When I got it home, ironically I found that I’d finally got a stock “It certainly sounds broke! Return it to the place you got it” email from PikaOne support…so at least they exist! But if it hadn’t been for sympathetic staff…I’d have been stuck with a total dud! Happy Days!

All is well now with a new drive using fw48 here is a read test…burned at 4x on a ritek G04…plays well in my ps2 occasional stutter.


Good to hear…one final note on my brief encounter with the 1004. All of the DVD back-ups of my MP3 and DivX collections - which were verified and would read back without problems on the PikaOne drive, will not read completely in any of my other DVD drives. I’m unable to recover the last 25% of any data on any of the fuller (4G+) disks…regardless of the quality of the media. So I’ve lost a lot of movies and tunes. Moral of the story…don’t trust your hardware…