BTC 1004IM can burn DVD+Rs far better then DVD-Rs?



Today i bought a DVD+R to test what results i score when i burn a DVD+R and ich checked it with CD/DVD Speed 3.01

The scan results are far better as with every DVD-R i used so far (mainly TTG 01 O.o)

The Disk i used was a TDK DVD+R (RICOHJPNR018 if im not wrong )

Whats the meaning of this ok i never had any bad errors when i tried to read DVD-Rs with my LG 8162B but why are the errors with DVD-Rs on a BTC 1004 Dual Drive far higher then with a DVD+R ?

DVD-R ( - same Brand TDK )

edit: the second link with the picture was the only one with DVD-R and completion of the test.


Actually, those graphs don’t look that bad to me. The PI is well within spec (280). On the PO, we’re told to look at “areas” of high readings - not spikes. Most of the places where the PO graph exceeds 4 are single spikes, not sustained areas of errors.

The proof of whether it’s a good burn or not is whether the disc is easily readable. If you don’t already have DVDInfoPro, download and install it. Run the RPM test with that disc on a decent DVD reader. Look for the graph to begin on the left edge around 3x or 4x. It should steadily climb towards the right side. The actual value will depend upon your reader, but it should be somewhere around 6x to 8x unless you’ve done bitsetting. In that case, the speeds will be considerably higher. If the graph line steadily increases, that indicates that the disc was easily readable. If there are areas where the line dips way down, that says that the drive is having to re-read areas. If it dips repeatedly or if it dips really deeply, the disc is very difficult to read and should probably be replaced.

I have done quite a bit of testing with the Nero Speed program and it’s quality test, and with the two versions of KProbe. There is no question that the information is interesting, but I think far too much emphasis is being placed on the graph values. I’ve seen many discs that “failed” Kprobe (or CDSpeed) but they were perfectly readable and they played in any DVD Player I had access to. Obviously, one wouldn’t expect a disc generating a PI or 1000+ and a PO of 500 to be good, but neither are some discs bad that generate a PI of 350 and a PO of 20. In my experience, the DVDInfoPro RPM test provides a far more accurate picture of disc readability.


Hmm well obviously his DVD+R PI/PO graph looks much better than the DVD-R graphs he has.
And as far as readability is concerned, you can see that the 1st DVD-R was difficult to read because it could not even complete the disc quality test!
Very strange that this drive would do so poor with Taiyo Yuden. :confused:
I would also like to see some Transfer rate tests on your discs. :wink:


I have my BTC now in the second PC and now im running a liteon-SOHW832S the first thing i must say the BTC is not so bad how everyone says.
I compared the liteon results with some BTC results and the true thing is that BTC is not in the range to be worse then hell lol


The TTG01 i used are not that good to burn like the verbatim thingies O.o


TTG01 burns excellent at 8X on the NEC2500A. :wink:
I guess the BTC drives aren’t as ‘friendly’ with it… :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you post a PI/PO scan?


One good thing is, the DVDs are playable in my low price DVDplayer with divx support.


That’s suprising with those awful looking scans. :o


yeah i wonder why the results are so bad i mean they work in my LG 8162B as well and all data is readable.
My opinion about BTC is still the same The Drives are not so bad like everyone says but its a little picky with some media.