BTC 1004IM and Media Code 3AM0201/MXLRG01


I am considering buying media called Prodye and the media code is either 3AM0201 or MXLRG01.

As far as I can see from other posts in this forum, MXLRG01 is supported by firmware 0049, but how about 3AM0201?

Has any of you guys tried this media code (3AM0201) with the BTC 1004IM?

Thanks for any feedback!


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I have never heard of that media brand name but the Maxell media code is very good. The real problem is if they are fakes, they could be using the media code without permission. Having a 1004IM myself, I doubt they will work.

Prodye is in general garbage media to my experience.
I would rather stick to more known brands.

Thanks for the input. I won’t buy this media.

Does anybody have good experiences with specific media from and the 1004IM?