BTC 1004: "Samsung DVD-R 4x" supported?


I’m new to the forum, so please forgive me, when I’m acting strange …
Searching the forums, I haven’t found anything regarding this.

“Samsung DVD-R 4x” media is relatively cheap, so I would like to buy it.
But where I live, there are only sets of ten pieces, and I don’t want to buy ten coasters.

As far as I know, this “Samsung DVD-R 4x” media is manufactured by BeALL and has the MID code “BeAllG40001”.

I have an BTC 1004 with newest firmware V0450.

Unfortunately, this MID code is not included in BTC’s media support list for the 1004, or at least I don’t find it.

Therefore I want to ask, if someone of you has already tried this media and whether it is working with the 1004 drive at all, and if so, how well.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Greetings, DotWin!

they are not supportet, when they are not in the list