BTC 1004 reads DVD-R at 12x speed

Hi all, yesterday I burned two DVD (TYG01) -R with nero 6303 (and FW 0049), after that I copied back the contents (zip archives ranging from few Kb to some hundreds of Mb) to the hard disk and I noticed that it took too less time so I tested it with nero cdspeed and the result was : start at 5.1x end 12.3x average 9.2x.
This happened to all DVD even those burned with previous firmwares and previous versions of nero, I checked with smartburn 3.1.7 the burned DVD and it show them as DVD-ROM, same thing with kprobe, only nero cdspeed show it as a DVD-R but the size is always 4.38 Gb despite the real size (instead my LG-GDR8161B show the correct size and of course read it without problem) and as for the readability are all OK in BTC in LG and in my DivX player that is an EM8500 based (obviously it can read only the directory structure but without problem) and this happen only with -R not with +R/RW (start 2.6x - end 6.2x) not tested with -RW.
It seem to me that BTC fool itself by believing it’s a DVD-ROM instead DVD-R so it set read speed to 12x as for pressed DVD.
Does anybody had the same (positive :stuck_out_tongue: ) issue probably due to FW 0049 ? (never checked with previous firmwares)