BTC 1004 burns only CD's


Since 2 months I have a BTC 1004, I had no problems with burning any type of DVD or CD.
Last Friday I burn a DVD ( Octron DVD-R) , with no problem.
After I burned the DVD I shutdown the pc.
On Saturday I tried to burn de DVD but Nero (6.03) said there was no media in de write.
Okay, the new DVD good be bad, so I opened a brand new one.
Placed it in de write, again Nero said there is no media in de write.
I tried it with Prico, HP and Imation DVD’s
I put the write in another pc, and still the same problem.
I flashed it to V049, still the same problems.

With burning a CD I have no problem.

What can be my problem and how can I fix it?



What firmware revision did you have BEFORE flashing it to V0049?


I had version V039.
The Write is made in 9/2003


Also I had your problem but i’didn’t flash anything.

So, if I update the firmware i can solve this problem?


I tried to fix the problem with a flash.
But I still have to problem


I only asked because IIRC, firmwares prior to V0040 had problems with the laser overload protection.

can you play dvd’s in the drive? a few days after i got mine it stopped writing and reading dvd’s, it would read cd’s and write cd’s, it was faulty and it had to be sent back for a replacement.

I’ve got the exact same problem. I was reading/burning DVDs nice and cool on firmware 0039 when it suddenly went whack one day and stopped reading them…all of them. My harddrive is beginning to overflow, and I think I’m gonna buy a Pioneer if this problem can’t be resolved really soon…

Anyone got any ideas?

With me it’s just the other way around. I can burn DVDs without a problem, except for the “normal” reading in another drive problem. But up till now I haven’t burnt a single CD. It just does not except them. I’ve tried EMTEC (=BasF), MMore, Traxdata, Nashua and Sony. They say it’s a firmware problem yeah right. I’m going to upgrade from 048 to 049 now and try all again.


And yet again no luck with any of the brands. I also replaced the normal IDE cable with a Ultra IDE one. Didn’t help either. :a

I have the same problem. Ive read on many forums about this same exact problem some just explain it differently. For a week now i have been trying to get a hold of their tech service because you have to talk to them before you can get a return number. I hope all you guys that have this problem kept your receipt.

no receipt…I’m screwed. After I reset my PC w/ the new firmware, I can’t read CDs anymore either! Great burner indeed…

I heard somewhere else on this forum that using the v0039 firmware the drive can actually burn itself out and will no longer be able to read/burn DVDs…I forgot where unfortunately ^^;. Anybody else hear this/think this is possible?