BTC 10008 DVD RW- Backing up MP3's

Dear All:),

Having recently purchased the above and installing the software packages that came with it (Power producer & Power DVD). I’m finding that I’m having problems trying to back up my music folder on to a DVD (which was the sole purpose of me buying the blighter in the first place! )
It keeps telling me that the folder is in an unreadable format and though the blurb page tells me that it supports MP3’s, I’m starting to lose my rag with the thing:a I dont know what to do…

Has anyone got any clue as to how I might save my music files from a certain death (my hard drive is on its way out and the whole comp needs to go back to factory reset:sad: )

I’m running XP if that assists any? Some step by step instructions on how to save my files to DVD would be very gratefully received. I may even consider beer purchasing, if my files are saved:iagree:

Thanks for your time folks.


How are you trying to back up the MP3s? What software are you using and also what disc type are you trying to burn (music or data disc)? Burning a data disc tends to be a simpler affair because the software won’t “load up” all the mp3s and thereby generate a list file (for example a file with an m3u extension) in the root directory. Such list files I think get used by non-PC DVD readers to inform the DVD player of the disc contents and thereby allow navigation of the various sub-folders it contains (albums etc. in this case). I think this is the way it works. If you burn a data DVD you have a data backup but not necessarily a music disc that would work in a standalone player because it will be missing the list information.

You might also find that certain mp3s could be throwing the burning software and causing the problem. They might have the mp3 extension and play well enough in say WinAMP because it also recognises other formats but they might be mp2 or wma or ogg files with a bad extension (it happens ;-(). Equally mp3s with long names or certain characters might also be giving the software you use headaches.

Sorry for the non-technical reply - I’m sure a lot of the pretty clued-up guys and gals on the board will be able to add to this so that it makes sense. Hope it helps - lmk how you get on.