BT signs deal to offer downloadable versions of DVD purchases

I just posted the article BT signs deal to offer downloadable versions of DVD purchases.

  British  Telecom (BT) has signed a deal with Universal Pictures that would allow  broadband users in the UK to purchase DVDs online and gain immediate access to a  downloadable version which...
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nice idea, but a complete and total rip off. Why download and burn to your own media if it going to cost more that buying it @ the shop. You can buy from tesco in jersey and pay no VAT. And I bet it cheaper at other online shop’s too. So BT reduce your price and maybe people might take you up on it. I would say a 5-10 pounds should be the range. :slight_smile:

TBH it does say ‘upto’ £16.99 - I’m sure BT will price according to market value, i.e. a similar price to what we would expect to pay at ASDA/Tescos. Not entirely sure of the benefits of getting a digital downloaded version when you own the DVD - useful for people who want to watch on their portable video player or stream via a Media Centre PC I suppose - but if they do charge any extra I can see people just ripping it themselves. Once they start the download service proper though I can see it being very popular. Hopefully the downloads will be at least broadcast quality - maybe their will even be some high def downloads (although I suppose this depends whether the Philips :r set-top box can support this).

IMO someone has to take the first step and start it so others can follow and competitive prices and services can be achieved. Good on BT I say.

look, we are NOT interested at all!!! is that clear?.IS THAT CLEAR? HELLOOOOO? unless you have a service at 3 $ a movie, then we will start to talk. everything else is a ripoff and nothing else, dont take world citizen for idiots…!!!:frowning:

I would only be willing to pay 3-5 for a divx dvd rip. I wont pay full price for a compressed, lossy, no box, no liner, no menu, no extras movie!!!

They should be selling the downloadable movie the same time the movie hits the cinemas. They could even sell the DVD’s to people as they leave the cinema. The deal being you only get to buy the DVD if you can present your cinema ticket as proof. Heck they could even throw in extras to spice up the deal.