BT now highly risky?



It has come to my attention that MPAA has decided that TV Shows are fair game. In this light I have decided to stop downloading everything except comics until either MPAA decides against prosecuting for TV Show Downloads (Yeah Right), or until they stop scouring BT so thoroughly.

Cheers, I hate the MPAA, f’ers!


now that is funnie tv show is ok to download but new game that you would paid $100 or more for and play it one time and find out it sucks you cant :rolleyes:

guys think of it this way we are going to say to our kid’s that we used to peer 2 peer and just post what we peer 2 peer because if they go the way they are going it will end up like hacking. :iagree:


its always been risky specially now.


There is always irc for tv show downloads. That should be fairly safe for downloading since you don’t have to share only leech.


Or do what I do and share legal stuff. i.e Linux, shareware, freeware, demos of games…etc


It’s not free, but it’s more anonymous, and much much faster than any bt download

Since i started using newsgroups I haven’t touched BT

This site is basically the for newsgroups:


You’ve got to be kidding. They may actually start bugging people for sharing tv torrents?


this is why bit’s sux… as you see there are 2 dif program’s one my beloved rev and shareaza with bt, need i say more…

sry guys it wont let me upload the sceen shot.


I’ve been hearing RevConnect mentioned a lot. What advantages does it have over DC++?