Bt hub!

hi i am unlucky to have the new bt home hub version 2.0(b)
i have 3 desktop pcs one ethernet cable my main computer and 2 wireless, one of those is vista no problems at all, the other is xp, i have had no problems with the older hubs connection was not gfast but it did work.
i phoned our friends in india and basically they said my wireless card was not picking up the new hubs signals?
i have heard this is not true?
he told me to buy a new adapter from the bt shop(of course) and that will do the trick.
i have a good belkin card in the pc, i dont remember which one but it was a good price when i bought it.
does anyone have any experience of this or can tell me about the signals that are needed?

You fail to state what your Network device is ([I]Cable or DSL, Router or Modem[/I]). I’m talking about the device that connects to your [B]ISP[/B] and the outside world. The one your LAN cable is connected to.

When dealing with [B]WiFi[/B] ([I]aka Wireless[/I]) there is setup.

You have to read the instructions for setting up the card to connect WiFi, AND the instructions for your Router.

Like “[B]Access Point[/B]” ([B]aka MAC Address[/B]) of the Router, [B]WEP[/B] ([I]security protocol[/I]) if any, etc.

The simple solution is look at the other Wireless system that IS working, and it’s setup. Then make the same settings on the non-working WiFi card.

Note that Routers will have more than 1 LAN connection, usually have 4, which means you can connect 4 systems via LAN cables.