BT Broadband WTF?

This is what i am on but the downturn is if you stay on the freeserve contract you are paying miles over the odds (ie for a 576kbps connection you are paying what some are charging for a 1MB connection)

you guys need to move to Canada i have 5MB cable… i pay 45 bucks a month (20.01 GBP, or 28.95 EUR) i have a 30GB limit…but according to the installer they dont do anything if you go over.

finaly got my 1MB working, works great :slight_smile:

No problem, play BF1942, the game that got critique from internet security experts for broadcasting too much mumbo jumbo which made it useful as a DDOS-program if hacked to do so. BF1942 even tells your adversary what kind of dinner you will be having today. (Yes it does! Shut up! :D)

Congratulations from a 2MB :wink:

Nice. Here I am suck at 56Kbps untill at least june 2005. Man, I am moving to somewhere I can get a good connection. All I need now is a good job to pay for it.

yeh, i live in a rural area to, we got it like 6 months ago, like 10 people (including me) kept writing to BT nagging them about the broadband untill in the end they put it up :D, dont think my parents would have moved house for it though ;),


ps. there is this sattalite broadband that claims to be avaulable everywhere in the uk, is this true? and how much is it for 576kbps per month? a friend of mine cant get normal broadband where he lives

@ airhead, yeh i know, and i bet thats the most basic package sweden do :wink: , on the continent they have bradband 10x faster than are humble max 1MB (2MB in some parts of London). read THIS 100MB!!! :eek: thats a 700MB file in less that a minuite :eek: