BT Broadband WTF?

ok, i have been on 576KBPS for some time now, so i decied with the fall in cost of broadband to upgarade to 1MB, at £28.99 per month (what I was paying for 512kbps) however, the BT Broadband now has a usage limit, 576KBPS get 15GB per month, and 1MB users get 30GB per month, i went to there site and looked at the “examples” of what you could do with it and it was complete sh!t. read HERE, ok 250 JPEG pictures a week, x4 = 1000 JPEG’s per month, or 15 a day. ok so 15 per day divied by the 500MB per day that is 33MB per jpeg! :confused: most of my jpegs are little more that 70KB, and large hi-res 1600x1200 photos maybe 1.5MB, but 30MB!!! the other exaples are wrong to. 250 tracks a week? well at 2MB a song (about) you could download that in a day.
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Hey mate
I recently came off BT and joined NTL… now yes everyone jumps on the bang wagon of calling ntl a s**t service, which on the mostpart (organization and such) they are.
But I have found the 1mb (soon 1.5) service to be very reliable and highest of speeds.
They do say there’s a 1gb per day limit but thats bs… I never stop downloading and haven’t had 1 complaint :slight_smile:

Just thought i’d give you my 2 cents on the state of Uk isp’s :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, apparently BT arnt enforcing the limits untill 2005 tho :slight_smile:

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ps. the download limits came coz to many people where using p2p.

Yeah the p2p thing is understandable… but with the amount we pay we should have the freedom to use it as we please!

Freeserve in uk are also capping there download limits to new customers at cheaper prices because im paying £28 a month on a 576 KBPS service but for that money i could go up to a 1MB service but i would then be capped…
Im thinking of going to aol who are not capping there service as per there tv adverts…
Here is a good comparison of different isp in uk

I’m with Pipex, they are a little more expensive at £33.99 per month for 1meg unlimited, but there are no caps and are very reliable. If they do have a problem they admit it and sort very quickly. And are usually in the top 5-6 providers in the speed tests on

Im with Telewest on the 768KBps for £25 a month. As far as I know there is no limit to how much you can download. I usually download around 50 Gig a month.

you people in the UK are left behind man…

Here i’ve got 1024/384 unlimited for 24,95 euro a month, according to
thats 17.21 quid

I have the BT 1Mb option, bringing down about 7GB/day. When and if they impose a limit theywill lose many customers - why should we pay for any fast service to get email, multimedia advertising and junk that the advertisers should pay for not us, and other BT/Yahoo promo crap. BT may reconsider in ligh of AOL and others.

I agree, we tend to pay more for services such as communications here in the UK than in most parts of Europe and the states :sad:

Prices for ADSL have dropped a lot over the last few years.

in 2001 you’d pay £39.99 a month for a 512k service. You can get uncapped 2Mb for the same cost now. With the UK now hitting 5 millions ADSL users prices should keep dropping :slight_smile:

i looked into pipex, said it wasnt avaluable in my area, contacted bt, said my line supports upto 1MB, anyway, i have upgraded to 1MB BT, it has a 30GB cap, not sure if there would be any legal use for this, well maybe, but 99% of people who used all there 30GB would be downloading movies/games etc

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What about online gamers? Surely they would hit some caps.

online gamers… i suppose, but 30GB a month? you would have to be playing games at upload/download 256kbps for most of the day.

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i get the same when i go to pipex ben;) although im currently on 1meg with another isp strange really isnit it:)

yeh! i really would like pipex as it is unlimeted 1MB for like £28.99, and my line works fine with 1MB, dont really understand why, anyway, what ISP are you on? i am looking for a one that is unlimited 1MB broadband for no more than £34.99 a month.

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@ bcn_246 i think you can get pipex in your area but not 100% sure as i think i can get it here and i am pretty remote as far as uk goes…
Maybe the test is faulty

i keep doing the check, some providers say i can, some say i cant. where i live got it about 10 months ago so they may not have updated there “maps”.

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i have an old freeserve account ben they no longer offer unlimited unless you joined before april this year
but dont i repeat dont sign up with wanadoo they limit your surfing time to from 8-24 hrs a day depending on waht pakage you have;)

i once had a package (in germany) 1MB, but max 3 hours a day :eek: